The creative process, the result of my artistic background, is fueled by curiosity towards new materials, their possibilities of use and manipulative characteristics.

After the Academic studies I participated in artistic residencies in the field of sculpture, such as the International School of Sculpture by Pinuccio Sciola and the T.A.M. course (Artistic Metals Treatment School) by Arnaldo Pomodoro. These experiences were fundamental to my research, they helped me to get out of the academic schemes and to become familiar with the use of unconventional materials. After experimenting with different techniques and means of expression - from sculpture to photography, from video to performance - my research has been oriented since 2011 on the possibilities of expression of silicone, a material that I transform and apply in a pictorial way on light boxes. Hence the term "silicone painting".

My experience in China in 2012 as a guest at the artistic residence "Swatch Art Peace Hotel" has greatly influenced my work, as well as my vision of the world.

The culture and the Asian landscape had a strong impact on me, I spent many days wandering around with my camera, getting lost in the streets of Shanghai, trying to assimilate all this information dazzled by the bright skyscrapers. The chosen subjects are inspired by my photographs: elements of modern architecture blend with those of classical culture, developing new images sometimes also thanks to the addition of color or recycled materials. The light box is not limited to an aesthetic and two-dimensional function. When the light is off, the pictorial - decorative aspect of the image prevails.

When the LED lights on, the perception of the subject depicted changes, giving evidence

to the texture takes on another meaning. Thanks to the light, the work exits its boundaries

delimited by the frame, envelops the surrounding space and the observer, creating new suggestions.

In this period after the residency in March 2019 at Favara's "Farm Cultural Park", I use the "silicone painting" technique on other media and in different ways.

My research is oriented to discover how silicone and pigments incorporated in it react. external works and building works.

Now I use "silicone painting" in "street art".


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